What to say” and “What not to say” to a client who is suffering with grief!

Date: Tuesday, February 4, 2020
Time: 7:15am - 9:00am
Location: Saddleback Hospital Downstairs Boardroom
Speaker: Michele Miranda

What to say” and “What not to say” to a client who is suffering with grief!

The presentation is based on a book called Awkward No Longer where Amy Florian teaches professionals to set themselves apart in business by knowing “what to say” and “what not to say” to a client who is suffering from any type of grief.

In her book, Amy emphasizes that there needs to be a “valid” reason for the next generation to remain or become clients of yours after a death.  She goes on to teach that a significant way to ensure this future business is to know how to relate to our clients during the many “grief cycles” that our clients go through as a natural part of life.

Michele also discusses PPS Bereavement Plan as a tool to help clients during the stage of grief immediately following a death and educate advisors on what really happens from a professional perspective to our clients when a death occurs.    -


Michele Miranda, MCEP ®; Founder & President of Pre-Planning Solutions

Michele is A Master Certified Estate Planner, licensed Life Insurance General Agent, and California Licensed Funeral Director.  Michele brings decades of expertise in the insurance and final needs industries to her clients. Her warm personality, paired with extensive product experience, and a passion for helping others get prepared, make her a planning pro. 

This format will allow for good dialogue between the attendees and speaker.  Please feel free to invite any friend or business associate who could benefit from learning more on this subject. 

The Estate Planning Council of South Orange County is a multi-disciplinary team of professionals committed to assisting families to plan for a financially and emotionally secure future.  Our members are dedicated to the education of estate planning; engaging with each other professionally; and empowering our clients to take positive actions regarding their planning needs.


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