The Importance Of Alternative Livin Solutions: Starting The Conversation

Date: Tuesday, September 10, 2019
Time: 7:30am - 9:00am
Location: Saddlebacl Memorial Hospital Board Room
Speaker: Janis Adams and Carolyn Novotny

September 10 Meeting   Program


The Importance Of Alternative Living Solutions: Starting The Conversation!

 The Panel discussion will be hosted by Janis Adams and Carolyn Novotny who will discuss what to look for and be aware of when meeting with elderly clients and their families  regarding alternative living solutions .  They will review the continuum of care from home care to assisted living to dementia care, and how to answer questions at each level.  


 Janis Adams, RN, BSN, Founder/CEO CareAssist Services, Inc.,

A licensed home care organization

Janis has been an RN for over 35 years with expertise in Critical/Emergency Care, Home IV therapy, and Home Care Services.  She is an innovator and has a deep passion and reputation for providing exceptional non-medical care to older adults in their home and keeping them out of the ER and hospital.

She will be discussing how to spot signs of trouble, how to help families navigate the continuum of care, how to have difficult conversations, and when its time to bring in additional resources.


 Carolyn Novotny, Founder and CEO of Access 2 Senior Living


Carolyn has earned her wings in the Senior Industry by starting the journey being her Mother’s Caregiver.  After spending over 35 years as a Commercial Insurance Broker she started her company to help people in transition thrive in their environment and to remove stress from the Seniors and their Loved Ones.  Knowledge is the key.  Planning is a must.  There must be a buy in by everyone involved including the Senior, their Loved Ones, their Financial Planner, their CPA (tax person) and their Trustees (Fiduciary).  There are no easy answers just good solutions. 

She will be discussing the options of Independent Living or Assisted Living Communities or small Care Homes.






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